Introducing the flipomobile

After repeated non-requests of the non-fanbase ©, i though i’d present what brings yours truly to the places where it’s about to rock – at least as far as my tired legs can push the carriage, that means no farther than the city bounds. Anyway it’s always a pleasure to drive to a gig without the need of a car (driving back home sometimes not so much, though).
There’s space a plenty, enough for my whole backline including monitor and whatnot, and it drives decently, thank you. The leopard pattern (got it like this) is a perfect fit to flippery ®, as is the fact that it’s diy, cheap, wobbly and rusty.

Summer season gigs

Yes, Flip hits the road once again (well the B1 for that matter), for a couple gigs to start the summer season. You could have the (dis)pleasure to hear me at these places and dates:

· Seasite Festival in Lietzen (or is it Seaside?) in beautiful Brandenburg on june 16th. Check the website for full infos on the event!

· Fete De La Musique in Kubiz (Berlin) on the 21st of june with tons of bands and artists.

· Füchse und Hasen Wohnprojekt around Letschin (this B1 connection)on july 21st. Full infos on the site of the collective.

Possibly more to come, i’ll try and keep the website updated – in a flipledoofian tradition…

Here’s an update! (incredible)
· I’ll be playing at the Brimborium festival in Alt Rosenthal (B1 rules once more) on the 4th of august. Again full infos on the festival website.

And yet another one:
· Last minute concert in good ole Fischladen in equally good ole Berlin on wed. july 11th with the american band Friggen Locust. Starts around 9pm.

April swiss minitour

… was super nice. Played in Lugano (Teatro Foce), Biel (Wahnhöfli), Lausanne (squatted pizzeria) and Zürich (Koch Areal), most of it organised at the very last moment as it should always be. We met tons of great peeps on the road and it feels more and more like home!
Of course many thanks to everyone involved in this adventure, and be warned: we’ll be back!

(I might well update this micropost in the future with pics and stuff, who knows…)


Great music
Georg Kostron & sein Manager dadapunk from Wien
Schmandmeister noise aus Köln
Orvo postpunk from Chemnitz
Fellow banjo one-mensch-band: Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger

Great places
Wem gehört die Welt, wagenplatz in Köln. BLEIBT!
Osterinsel another wagenplatz in Köln!
Haus Mainusch self organised place in Mainz. BLEIBT!
Koch Areal a great squat in Züri
Liebig 19 cool youth center im Kiez
Filmrisz kiezkneipe at its best

Great initiatives
Gaduma an art collective
Social Art e.V. brings culture in Lietzen

Flip on the Seaside!

Oh well it’s actually a great music festival in the beautiful countryside of Brandenburg, in Lietzen (close to Seelow / Poland / Frankfurt am Oder), taking place from the 14th to the 16th july. Check out the program! (although you won’t find Flip le Doof on it, eh late addition!)
And: you can actually bathe in the lake! Ain’t that cool?