More Schweiz

Yep we did it again, made a short trip/tour in Switzerland, it’s turning to an habit!

I first had the chance to perform at the Tattoo Circus Festival in Koch Areal in Zürich – a kind of improvised gig in the Garagenbar (where i honestly have the feeling i perfomed below par, sorry for that). Great place, as we know already, outstanding organisation of the festival, with lots of discussions, workshops, performances and concerts.
Then we headed towards La Prise Imer, next to Neuchâtel, a wonderful collective house in the mountain, for a show in the company of Twisted Sisters (a crazy sideshow act),  solo guitar act Kadonnut Manner from Finland and hungarian noise musician Szólt Sözer. An intense evening on many levels…

La Prise in its previous use as a religious holiday resort (the swiss flag has since disappeared, go figure)

Next – and last – concert was in legendary Schrottbar in Biel. Again an amazing place, pure DIY spirit there (yo and a hint of crust also maybe). The gig has been huge lots of fun, with the incredible Twisted Sisters in great shape and a super receptive audience. What a party. Weee’ll definitely be back!
Ok that was it for this short reporting blurb, thanks to aaaaall at Koch Areal, to aaaall at La Prise, to aaaall at Schrottbar for having us and running such great projects, and a special thank you to Princess Tweedle Needle for putting the gigs together!